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Our advantages

The unique geographical position of
Tver region is situated between economic and cultural capitals of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Proximity to major markets is one of the key advantages of the region. Within a radius of 250 km from Tver is home to about 18 million people, and within a radius of 500 km – about 36 million people.

The largest region in CFD — 84201 m2
A population of 1 067 304 people

Developed transport infrastructure
Through our region are the major transport artery connecting Central regions of Russia with the countries of the European Union, and outputs to the largest ports.

The highway of Federal value Moscow – Saint Petersburg (M10) and Moscow – Riga (M9) provide a significant share of both passenger and freight traffic the Moscow Metropolitan area and regions of the Central Federal district.

By 2018 it is planned to complete the construction of high-speed highway Moscow – St. Petersburg (M11), which will significantly reduce travel time, and hence the economic costs of cargo transportation.

Two railroad routes of Federal significance, as well as the waterways and the two river cargo port provide additional logistical advantages to investors.

The opportunity to reach the centre of Moscow for one hour provides a high-speed train "Sapsan", and the journey time to the international airport "Sheremetyevo" on the car is about one and a half hours.

150 km From Tver to Moscow
485 km From St. Petersburg
Wide selection of investment sites

Nowadays the Tver region is actively using the most successful world practice of realization of regional investment policy, one of them is the creation of a modern integrated production facilities of a new quality level – industrial parks. This is a special site with a fully prepared engineering and transport infrastructure suitable for the implementation of projects in various sectors of the economy.

6 Industrial parks
Tourist and recreational Park Zavidovo
>120 Industrial platforms GreenField c infrastructure
>90 BrownField. Objects for the reconstruction of infrastructure

At the same time, we pay great attention to the development of projects in the sphere of comprehensive territorial development and tourism. Therefore, along with the industry, we have adopted a regional law to create tourist and recreational parks.

Currently on the territory of the region operates 6 industrial and 1 tourist and recreational Park.

However, our capabilities are not restricted to regional venues in 2015 in Tver region is a special economic zone turistsko-recreational type in Zavidovo.

In addition, we offer our investors a wide range of greenfield and brownfield sites, lease space or build-to-suit.

Comprehensive support of investment projects implementation
The most important factor in the successful implementation of the project is to provide comprehensive quality support from the regional government. Our team has extensive successful experience in supporting large investment projects, both Russian and foreign companies. Created a support system on the principle of "one window", and actively implement the system of "project management" provide effective resolution to all issues.
  • Administrative Individual support of the implementation of the investment project.
  • Infrastructure Creation and development of engineering and transport infrastructure.
  • Financial Provision of tax incentives and subsidies.
  • Staff Development of special programs in the educational institutions of the region
  • Information Providing complete and accurate information about the region.
  • Joint PR doctrine in kongresna exhibition of Russian and international events organization of international forums:
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A highly skilled labor force
The successful implementation of any investment project is impossible without the presence of a highly skilled and available workforce. The labour market of Tver region is qualitatively different from the capital region, their cost, with a comparable level of training.
  • 34 higher education institutions(20 public)
  • 43 institutions of secondary professional education
  • 41 the institution of primary professional education
  • 50 research and design organizations
  • 772 schools, lyceums, gymnasiums

Historically, in the Tver region is especially have been developed such industries as machine building, chemical and light industry, pharmaceuticals, bioenergy, information technologies and software developments, agriculture, wood processing, construction. Accordingly, the field of education was focused on training for these specialties.

The use of historical experience, the introduction of modern Metodologicheskie and retraining of specialists, the practice of signing direct contracts for training, the use of the system of forecasting the needs of investors, enable us to respond quickly to market needs.

The attractiveness of the region for living and recreation
Recently one of the important factors in the investor's choice of a particular Plamadeala the implementation of the project is the level and quality of life of the region in which it is located. Tver oblast, with its pace of housing construction in different formats, from economic to business class, level of education and medicine, developed services, rich culture and opportunities for tourism, is one of the best in Central Russia for this choice!